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[10 Oct 2008|05:05pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I haven't updated in a while so here it goes. I'm still at my mom's house. I might be there til i get some money together. I'm still not quite sure what im going to do. I want to get a tattoo. Its gonna be the back piece I've wanted for a while. The guy should be giving me call sometime soon. I haven't been doing much other then working and hanging out with john.
Right now i'm just trying to think of a costume not much. lol. I wish you'd be coming down to vallejo,a.
I can't really think of anything else to say. My mind is just drawing up a blank. But I will definately write something when I have something interesting to say!

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[18 Aug 2008|07:47pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Jeez, I'm not sure how to word all this. I got a ticket some time ago, i think I might have posted on here about it, but when I got pulled over the car didn't have registration or insurance, she had only had it for a couple weeks, anywho to make a long story short, when I brought in the insurance , it had an effective date after the time i got pulled over, so they didn't except it. The dealership had actually told my mom that she had a month to get insurance for the car, but that was not true what so ever! Anywho, now im paying off  a 600 dollar bal, which is better then 1145 which they were gonna charge if I didn't have registration.
Also, last week my dad called and asked if I could give him 1000 dollars so that he could pay off the people who took the mercedes. He aparantly wants to fix his credit and buy the house next door. So, I gave him my credit card to use, and Imma be making small payments.
Also, I gave my 30 day notice to the landlords. I wanna try and find something cheaper if I can so that I can save money, and actually be able to buy myself things.lol. They already found someone who wants it and if I move out early they'll give me some of my rent back. So imma go stay with my mom for a couple weeks, cause I don't really have no money for first month rent and deposit. I get paid on the 20th and then on the 5th of sept. and I should have enough money by then. John is going to be taking care of my cats. They got spayed and nuetered today, which in the ende cost me almost 200 dollars. I had to pay for it half today and then the other half in a couple of weeks. I feel really bad for Beatles cause she has to wear a head thingy so she wont lick her stitches. Its kinda funny but sad to watch her struggle with it. She somehow managed to take it off and I had to figure out a way to put it back on her, lol, she did not like that at all. And Bubbles keeps attacking her.lol
Also, I went for an eye exam last week. I got glasses, but I have no eye benefits and had to pay for the glasses which was 200 and something, again I am making payments.lol. Hopefully with some of the rent back, and the deposit (I don't think i made 1100 dollars worth of damage) i'll have some money again.
I think thats about all thats going on right now. I recieved a kick ass frame in the mail the other day, and it made my day! You guys can expect something in the mail soon! love yas

P.S. my froggy goes crazy when I put distressed!

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Dentist [29 Jul 2008|11:03am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So, I had a dentist appointment yesterday. It went better then I thought it was. The dr. was really nice to me, and she really liked her job. She was all excited that I had come in , and that she had a chance to get me to floss before I got a gum desease or soemthing like that.  And, I only have one cavity that imma take care of this wednesday.
Nothing else has been going on. I had quiet weekend with John. Last Thursday we were gonna go see the dark knight with my friends megan and lance. But we ended up missing it and just smoking a fat blunt. Which was just as nice. Hope you all are good!

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Weekend [14 Jul 2008|11:53am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Didn't do much this weekend. I just hung out with John and we went hiking on saturday and sunday. saturday we just went to this place called Deer Park. John goes biking on trails there and he showed me what trails he takes, but we didn't go up any of them. we went on a different trail that was a bit rocky, but it was nice to climb. I had a disposable camera and i took lots of pics, but they'll probably be blurred by the sun.lol. We didn't take anything but a pipe and some weed, so by the time we got back down we were hella thirsty. 
On Sunday, we went somewhere else. It was a longer hike, but it was still fun. We were smart enough to bring water and some grapes and strawberries. we also brought wheat thins and a honey oak bar thing. I was so red in the face.lol and sweaty. john brought his bike thistime so he was showing me how he jumps on little bumps that are on the trail. I rode his bike for a little bit, but only on flat ground lol.
John had been working at the bike place making bike for like two weeks, and his body was all fucked. His neck is the worst for some reason. He's gonna try to find another job. He was thinking of an office job, cause at least he'll get to sit down. The bike shop he didn't have anywhere to sit so thats why it was hurting him more then usual.
That about all i did this weekend. my legs are tired, but they feel good at the same time. 

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[30 Jun 2008|09:22am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

 Hey guys!
I haven't been doing much lately. I've gone over to my friend Megan's house and we worked on puzzles.
A week ago I applied for a credit card at my bank. Wells fargo. So, first i check on my online account and it says my credit balance or what not is 1000. But then i get a letter in the mail saying that i didn't meet the requirements or what not but then the next day I get the credit card and now its activated and shit. So, i have no idea what happend, but i am now officially a credit card holder.lol. 
Stupid IRS hasn't sent me my stimulis check, those bastards! Did you guys get yours?
John got a job! He will be a bike builder at Mike's Bikes. I think he is gonna make like 10 bucks and hour but if he works hard and pleases them he can get hecka good raises. His brother has only been working there a year maybe more maybe less and he went from 10 to 13 an hour so thats really good.
I really want a tattoo.
How are you guys?

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[23 Jun 2008|08:52am]
[ mood | happy ]

 Hello out there (P and A)

Anywho, the guy that showed me the studio emailed me and told me that he wanted to find someone who was in a better financial situation. what bullshit.
But it doesn't really matter. John is going on a job interview this week for Mike's Bikes to be a bike builder so hopefully he gets it. Keep your fingers crossed! Though he usually gets the job he goes into an interview for.
Me and John are becoming closer and closer, it kinda creepy. I never really thought it could and would happen. We actually talked about marriage and kids and growing old together. I don't wanna jinx us, but I hope we do. Its kinda scary, i don't know.
I was looking up the double helix nebula and got a tattoo idea inspired by it.lol. I kinda want like scratches sort of ( you know how some people have tattoo's of scratches showing bones or what not?) but instead of showing bones it would show space and the universe? i hope i explained it right? do you guys get it? anywho, that double helix nebula really freaks me out, it makes me feel like we're living in a giant and we're little organism inside its body. but i think its really cool. I just don't know if the tattoo would look right or where it would fit right. Got any ideas?

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Mad Caddies [19 Jun 2008|01:53pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Mad Caddies was freakin awesome. so were the Supervillians. They're better live then on their cd. I think the highlights of the show were when I met some of them, even though i sort of death threatened one of them. The best was meeting Chuck, I didn't mess up on that one.lol. Oh, and when Chuck was on the stage alone was pretty cool. I forget which song he was singing, but it made me wanna bust out my lighter and wave it in the air. lol. I was surrounded by a whole bunch of short fat chicks who's sweat is still on my shirt. eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww. gross. I had a couple drinks but didn't really get drunk or buzzed even, it was still awesome! I wish i had my camera cause i had the perfect spot to take pictures. I was looking at the keybordest a lot and he was makinig funny faces, i really like his smile.
Sorry I don't update much A, but nothing really exciting happens,lol. If i wrote everyday, it would be the same thing:

Worked, got home, maybe smoked, maybe hung out with john, ate, slept.

lol, it would be pretty boring to read the same thing everyday. But be assured that I update when something exciting happens. 
Like now. I'm looking for a cheaper apartment. I keep struggling with makeing rent, i always make it, but I always have to be really careful by the end of the month. Today im going to look at a studio in San Rafael. it 950 and includes all utilities except for phone, so yeah. Its way better then paying 1100! Wish me luck. love ya guys. can't wait til your here, a!

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RAISE!! [09 Jun 2008|11:36am]
[ mood | excited ]

I had a pretty nice weekend. On friday i don't think i did anything spectacular, just hung out with john. But on saturday i had my mom's car and went to vallejo to hang out with dear p. we finally finished our ceramics thing that we started, paula's was really cute with the patches, and i really like my shark. I'll probably steal paula's idea and make it hold a sponge, or maybe my wallet or kings or something like that. We souldn't figure out anything to do in v-town, so we just decided to head back to paula's house so that we could smoke a joint in peace. We stopped at little ceaser's and got a five dollor pizza and orange soda! once we got to p's apartment, she realized that she had taken her mom's keys cause her mom had taken her keys. basically we had no way of getting in unless peggy and her bf were there. 
but they weren't.
We had to be hella macgyver and get into the apartment complex somehow. i jumped the fence in the back where the garbage is and opened the door for p. The we had to actually get into the complex from tha back door which is kept locked. It had little openings on the side from pieces of wood that were kept apart and on their sides. jesus, i don't even know how to explain it, but the point is, my hand reached the tip of the door handle but nothing else. We tried using a stick, but that broke. the we tried using a metal thingy that was outside stuck in the dirt in front of someone's house. don't worry, we put it back and all, but it didn't work either. then i had one of my more genius ideas and grabbed my pipe pouch that had a loop os string to tighten close or hold it. anywho, i used the loop to grab the door handle and i pulled down. it worked and we got into the apartment complex, but then we had to get into the actual apartment itself. p said that her cousin goes through the bathroom window head first, which we both thought was impossible. But we had gone all the way into getting into the complex to get into the apartment, so we had to continue until we got in it, at least i had to. so i went through the bathroom head first. I still don't know how the hell i did it either.lol. paula was holding my leg so that i didn't just fall straight on my head. it was an adventure. After that, we smoked, watched Drop Dead Gorgeous. that movie is soo funny. we stayed for a little while longer until we went back to p's mom's house, where i stayed for an hour or so then went home. I was sooo sleepy on the way home.
on sunday. i went to john's house and he made pancakes. I only ate one cause we had made egg salad sandwhiches that morning and also cause i was still full from last night. me and p stuffed our faces. Afterwards, i went to see Indiana jones with my little brother and my friend Lance. I actually thought the movie was entertaining. Once i dropped off my brother, me and lance picked up john and we hung out with lance and megan for an hour or so. then i went home but my mom called and asked if i could pick up my little siblings from their dad's house. I really didn't want to, cause i was hella tired, but i went. and my little brother started talking to me about what heppend with my older little brother, so im glad that i picked them up so he coulde talk to me.
Anywho, some good news is that i got a raise! wooo! I asked for it on friday, not thinking that i would get it, but today my administrator said she was raising it a dollor! wooo
how are ya all? (a and p)

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[02 Jun 2008|09:56am]
[ mood | discontent ]

 So, my mom called me hecka early this mornin while i was at work. I answered cause no one was around and no patients were coming until 9. She called me to tell me that last week on tuesday, my 15 yr old brother got HELLA drunk. Aparrently so much shit happened last week that i just found out today. I had to call her back on my work phone cause i'm not allowed to be on my cell, but she told me that my aunt had tried to call a lot of time while she was working on tuesday. She left her a message to call her (my aunt Lupita) before she got home. When my mom was going home she tried to call Lupita but she didn't answer, so my mom called the house. Her boyfriend answered and told her christopher (15 yr old bro.) had a surprise for her. Then she called Lupita and she answered and told her my brother had gotten really drunk and that she shouldn't yell at him just yet cause he was too drunk to understand. 
Apparently some girls ( 15 yr old and 16 yr old sisters that have been kicked outta school and are in alcohol and drug rehab) gave him a 20 onz. coke bottle that had alcohol in it and he drank it. My mom thinks they put something else in it because even after he threw up all his insides and then some, he was still really out of it. He kept laying down, getting up, kicking his foot and he kept spitting everywhere. She says he was really out of it, not the drunk kind either. She talked to a whole bunch of people and some of his friends and she found out hella shit about the kids around where they lived. Apparently a lot of 15yr olds and 16 yr olds around the area are going drugs and drinking. she said that some of them have even done heroin....gross. She said that he wanted to drink cause some time ago he told this girl that he thought he was by. Then she spread a whole bunch of rumors at school and blah blah blah.
My mom was born and raised in El Salvador. She said that for her, for one of your children to be gay, that it was the worst thing that could happen to a parent, after death. Which is sad for both my older sister and my brother, if he really is by.
Oh jeez.

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[27 May 2008|09:14am]
[ mood | hungry ]

 Nothing much has been going on lately. The kittens are doing good, getting bigger. Beatles (the girl) was limping around. I'm guessing she hurt herself somehow and I freaked out. I called John and he told me to just wait a day and see if she was still limping. She wasn't when I came home yesterday from spending the night at John's but then later that night I pushed her off of Peanut's cage, completely forgetting that she had been limping, and she started to limp again.I felt sooo horrible! Usually they land on their feet when I push em off of Peanut's cage, but her little leg was hurt.  Hopefully she'll be fine by the time i get home.
Last tuesday, I took both of them to John's house so that they could meet his mom. I put them in a little carrier. They did not like it at all. They pooped and puked all over in there. Soooo freakin gross. They had so much energy at John's house. His mom bought us a calzone and it was delicious. On the way home, i let them roam the car and then they just sat on my lap the rest of the way home.
This weekend went by too fast. I went to john's house on sunday and he made pancakes for diner and then we had pancakes for breakfast. it was worth it though.lol. then on monday i went to my mom's house for a little bbq. well, it was to make carne asada.yum. i love carne asada! sooo good. i took some for lunch today, and i have some for diner.lol. I also got a water filter thing from my mom cause she doesn't use it and a electric hand mixer. Im excited about it! I can make three, four, five layer cakes! lol
Can't think of anything else to write. Hope you guys are doing lovely!

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